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Come Learn And Worship

At NYCAC you'll find a community of imperfect people who are all on a faith journey. Through our doors you'll find that we vary from lawyers to artists, from little babies to little grandmothers, and we all have different spiritual backgrounds. We try to connect with each other through our fellowships, Sunday School Bible studies, worship service, and community events. We hope that each person who comes into NYCAC will find several ways to engage their faith. Those who consider themselves a part of our church are encouraged to invest in each others lives, spend time praying and reading the Bible daily, volunteer in church and greater community, and live each day as an example of the faith and love of Christ.

I'm New, Tell Me More

As a church centered around the Great Commission, we seek to bring the good news of Jesus both locally and globally.  We believe that if we send missionaries around the world, each of our members would be inspired to dig deeper and dream bigger for God's kingdom. We are a church shaped by our calling and challenge to spread Christianity to every person who hasn't heard it.